Grub's Up!

Backcountry meals are not what they used to be. And that can only be a good thing, right? Previous generations had very limited choice compared to what is available to us today, and that includes the wonderful Back Country Cuisine range that we are so proud to sell. Smoothies, curries, pasta, Asian, roast meals, vegetarian options, breakfasts, soups, gluten-free choices and desserts are all on the menu. As outdoors enthusiasts ourselves, we have given all of this Back Country Cuisine the taste test while we’ve been on our adventures and take it from us - it tastes good!

Based in Invercargill, Back Country Cuisine was established in 1998. They took over the freeze-dried meal business founded by the Alliance Freezing Company, who pioneered this processing technique for military and commercial use. Back Country expanded their horizons when they took charge by focusing on feeding outdoors enthusiasts and participants in adventure sport. Since the late 90s, they’ve developed an ever-increasing range of tasty freeze-dried meals and accompaniments that meet the lightweight and high nutritional requirements of anyone spending days and nights in the outdoors.

Back Country Cuisine is a quality product, thanks in part to the use of ingredients, including meat and vegetables, that are sourced in Southland. This ensures everything is fresh when it is cooked and freeze-dried. When it’s time to eat, hot or cold water is added to the pouch and after 10 to 15 minutes you can tuck into something delicious and nutritious! As a convenient bonus, simply tear the lower perforation on the pouch and use the pouch as a bowl. It is a non-messy way to eat!

Freeze-dried meals like Back Country Cuisine deliver a lot of benefits including:

  • Freeze-drying removes moisture making it very light and easy to carry.
  • It retains the natural vitamins because of the low temperatures used in processing. 
  • Along with naturally occurring minerals and added salt, the meals contain vitamins and minerals necessary to meet the energy needs of outdoor enthusiasts. 
  • Freeze-dried products are flushed with harmless nitrogen gas when packed, giving them a long shelf life.
  • Food won’t shrink during the freeze-drying process or inside the pouch.

There is everything to like about freeze-dried Back Country cuisines, including the taste! So when it’s time to stock up on backcountry meals, get in touch and ask what’s on the menu.