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Trango Ball Nuts Set 1-5 (5)
More than just a trick piece of aid climbing gear, BALL NUTZ provide adjustable and speedy protection for all thin cracks - down to 1/8 of an inch! Compared to small cams, BALL NUTZ can be placed in shallow, bottoming cracks and "bottle necks" where camming units just won't fit. This "injection protection" will also accommodate a wide variety of flares and tapers - as the triggered semispherical ball can rotate up to approximately 20 degrees. Aid climbers - BALLZ are a faster and lighter weight alternative to thin blade and wedge pitons and won't damage the crack. Free climbers - tired spending the time "fishing" a nut around until it catches in the crack? Inject a BALL NUT then tug firmly to "set" placement and clip with a 'draw. Keep cruising.

no range wt strength color
mm gm KN
1 . 3-6 29 4.5 blue
2 . 4.5-9 39 8 red
3 . 6-12 48 8 gold
4 . 9-13 61 8 green
5 . 11-15 71 8 purple