BCA A2 Extendable Arsenal W/Saw Avalanche Shovel


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Clever system allows you to slide the 28cm snow saw right from the T-grip handle without disassembling your shovel

Tough-as-nails aluminum shovel blade offers a high strength-to-weight ratio so you can depend on the construction when lives are on the line

Shovel's extendable shaft gives you the extra reach and leverage for fast digging, and it easily collapses for even easier attachment to your pack once you're on the move again

Oval shaft with a 'ferrule-less' blade, ergonomic grip, and T6 heat treatment offers a more packable, bombproof shovel

T-grip can be looped through and worn without a pack with user-supplied webbing or rope

Pre-punched holes in the shovel blade make it simple to set up a sturdy snow anchor or emergency litter