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Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Series is another product representing Bear Grylls' collaboration with Gerber.

Introducing the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series of Gear. From his time in the British SAS, to scaling Mount Everest, to hosting his renowned survival television show, Bear knows what it takes to be a survivor in extreme situations.

Add in 70-plus years of knife and gear expertise and you have a potent combination. The Survival Series is meticulously designed by Gerber and Bear to meet any demand.

The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Kit is designed to provide the most useful basic survival gear in a compact package.

This kit allows you to hope for the best while preparing for the rest. The waterproof pouch has a Gerber miniature multi-tool with 10 components, a miniature light, fire starter, cotton ball tinder, waterproof matches, snare wire, emergency cord, fishing kit, sewing kit, waxed thread, survival blanket, signalling mirror, and hand saw.

The Priorities of Survival pocket guide, SOS instructions, and land to air rescue instructions are included with this kit and tell you how to make it in a worst-case scenario outdoors is included.

Super useful in the wild, it offers a vital edge to any survivor.

Complete Kit built for hostile Environments.

Detailed Content List (15 Pieces):

Gerber Mini Multi-Tool
Waterproof Bag
Mini Light
Hand Saw
Signal Mirror
Survival Blanket
Fire Starter
Waterproof Matches
Cotton Ball fire tinder
Snare Wire
Emergency Cord
Waxed Thread
Fishing Kit
Sewing Kit
Lightweight, Ripstop Nylon Bag with waterproof Zipper

Technical Description:

Dimensions: 115 x 173 x 28 mm
Weight: 267.9 grams