Brewsees Black Sunglasses Grey Lens


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Brewsees Black Sunglasses with integrated bottle opener - Grey Lens

You don't pitch a perfect game without the effects of a baseball bat hangover. Sport is about perseverance gentleman. And that is why we pay homage to the ultimate ball player we'z ever knew. Mr. David Knuckleball Wells. Dominate that change up, and fight back the sun with our polarized lenses and inverted friendly wrap around frame. We can hear your name chants now...

Polarized Charcoal Lenses
Wells like reactions
6061 Anodized Aluminum Openers
100% UV400 Protection
Excessive High Fives
Lifetime Warranty

When do I use Brewsees?
Young man, when you want to get your drink on of course. Oh, and to protect your precious eyes from those harmful UV Rays. In other words, you have an ice cold brew, you want to drink that brew, you are wearing your Brewsees, and shazzam, beer opened. Other ideal use cases are showing off to girls, bottle opener challenges, and opening two beers at one time. Think about that one cowboy.

Will they break?
F%!K No. If you somehow king kong them in half, your beastmode session just scared the living piss out of us. Hold onto the temple arm, engage the opener with bottle cap. and dominate. Its' that easy.

What’s up with the lenses?
Polarized baby, all day er'day. We also slap those shine blockers with UV400 protection. Our mirrored lenses for your inner steeze offer all the same polarization, but that butter revo coating pings away even more light.