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Esbit® Solid Fuel Tablets are simple, reliable and versatile, and burn with a steady heat producing almost no smoke or combustion residues. The nontoxic and virtually odourless tablets can be used as an easy way to start your charcoal barbecue or camp fire as well as Esbit® solid fuel stoves. They have a very long shelf life. All you need is a match or lighter.

Works at high altitudes and sub-zero temperatures
High heat output - burns up to 760°C
No visible smoke formation
Almost no combustion residues (and those that you do get are easy to rub off)
Can be used for a variety of uses: for cooking and heating up meals and drinks or for starting a charcoal BBQ or campfire
Lights with an ordinary match or lighter and can be extinguished and saved for reuse
Long shelf life (years)
20 x 4g pack:
20 tablets, about 4g each
Combustion time of about 5 minutes each
6 x 14g pack:
6 individually wrapped tablets, about 14g each
Combustion time of about 12 minutes each