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A Falcon Guide - Crack Climbing!

Finally, there is a book dedicated to the painful wonderful world of crack climbing. Aptly named, Crack Climbing! (yep, with the exclamation, guess they are really excited about it) was written by Lisa Gnade and Steve Petro, two folks who surely know something about wedging their fingers and toes into crevices in the rock.

Through an exquisite blend of text, photos, and illustrations, "Crack Climbing!" explores in-depth the wide range of techniques required to successfully climb cracks. Starting with an overview of the unique crack types found at the world's most famous climbing areas, the authors move on to cover such topics as: Jamming techniques; Strategies for when and where to place protection; Tactics for safely learning to lead cracks; and How to obtain the psychological edge to be a successful crack climber.

138 pages

Author Biography:

Lisa Gnade has logged many accomplishments in more than twenty years of rock climbing - no least, being the first woman in the world to consistently climb 5.13 cracks.