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Remove Odours From All Your Outdoor Equipment and Cycling Gear

You can’t outrun stinky triathlon or cycling gear. Synthetic fabrics, tents and cycling shoes are a trap for odor-causing bacteria.
When washing just isn’t enough, you need the odor eliminating power of MiraZyme™ by Gear Aid™. Rather than hide or mask bad odors, MiraZyme utilizes a natural blend of microbes to safely remove the bacteria causing the odour.
From cycling jerseys to camping equipment, gloves and footwear, remove bad odors from outdoor fabrics once and for all with MiraZyme.

All-natural odour eliminator
Removes odour and organic debris from outdoor gear
Removes odours typically associated with mold, mildew, bacteria and algae
Safe for use on pets, tents, triathlon gear, synthetic fabrics, wetsuits, cycling jerseys, footwear, gloves and more
Bio-degradable solution penetrates into the pores of fabric to eliminate odor naturally
Fragrance-free; does not mask odors
Environmentally-friendly formula