Rhino Unbreakable Boot Laces Spec Black 220cm

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Rhino Laces Unbreakable Boot Laces, Spec Ops Black, 220cm

220cm long, Spec Ops Black, metal tips.

Wildland firefighters Adam and Justin were tired of broken and burned boot laces, so they developed Rhino Laces to stand up to the daily torture they put their equipment through.
These are the only laces that can't be burned, cut, sawed, chopped or destroyed or Rhino will replace them. Rhino laces are built for fighting, whether you're fighting a fire, fighting a war, fighting an animal, fighting a zombie or just fighting the elements.

Rhino Laces are made from a strong inner core wrapped in a blended sheathing and capped with solid metal lace tips. Your Rhino Laces will not burn through or wear out and simply won't break under the stress of a hard job. They are guaranteed for life or Rhino Laces will replace them if something happens.

Rhino Laces come in 5 colors and 9 sizes to fit and match any boots you have. We recommend measuring your existing boot laces to get the proper size.

** only guaranteed against failure when used as a boot lace, you're welcome to try towing the ute out of the bog with them, but that's not what they were designed for.