Rock Exotica Mini Eight F1

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Rock Exotica MicroEight F1

Our Micro and MiniEight feature side ears that let you easily vary friction, accommodate a wide range of rope sizes and are super easy to tie off. The biner hole has a rubber gasket that fits tightly to your carabiner. We use 7075 aluminum, which is harder and will last longer than the cheaper alloy in other figure 8’s.

Wide friction range for ropes from 6-13mm. Rubber insert to fit tight on your carabiner. Only 60 gm.

Weight: 2.1 oz (60 gm)
Height: 3.64” (92 mm)
Width: 3.21” (82 mm)
Max Rope Dia. (Single Rope): 13 mm
Max Rope Dia. (Double Rope): 10.5 mm
Breaking Strength: 14 kN