Rock Exotica Rotator Round Swivel Small

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Rock Exotica Rotator Round Swivel  Small

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Rock Exotica Rotator Round Swive, Smalll

This swivel is the Rotator Round model, with a larger eye at one end and small at the other.
The smaller eye is big enough to except a single karabiner.

Swivels can help eliminate rope twist in rescue systems. The Swivels are mounted on sealed ball bearings. The large hole(one end of the Swivel and on both ends of the Swivel L) will accept either two large rescue karabiners or three standard size aluminum models.
Anodized aluminum.
Maximum working load: 1,124 lbs (5kN)
MBS: 8,093 lbs (36kN).

Colour may vary between that shown & an all black model.