Rock Exotica Wall Hauler

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The Wall Hauler is a Rock Exotica original.

Quality pulley with 2" aluminum wheel and bronze bushing. Compact and light. Cam can be locked open for use as a regular pulley.

Weight: Less than 9 oz (250 grams)
Rope Size: 9-13mm
Approximate Breaking Strength (New): Pulley, 4400 lbs (2000 KG); Camming unit. 600 lbs (270 kg) (typical with an 11mm rope)
Capacity of Camming Unit: The camming unit should not be subject to a load in excess of 190 lbs (86kg).

Exceeding this capacity will cause excessive wear of the camming unit and rope damage or failure.

Warning: The Wall Hauler should never be used to support human loads

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