Sea to Summit X-Mug

sea to summit

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This collapsible mug will save space in your pack, collapsing to the fit in the palm of your hand. The flat rigid ring around the rim helps to keep it sturdy and easy for you to drink from.

The food grade flexible silicone sides can withstand temperatures of hot foods and nearby hot surfacesup to 148 Celsius
Collapses flat for compact packing
A rigid flat ring within the rim ensures the mug holds its shape
Spill resistant, versatile shape
Measurements on the inside wall
Flattens to the same 15mm profile of the X-Bowl and X-Plate and they nest inside each other - the X-Mug inside the X-Bowl which nests inside the X-Plate for extra space savings when packed

Capacity: 480ml
Dimensions: 11cm diameter / 7.5cm depth
Weight: 60g

Note:  Assorted colours sent on availability from the following options - orange, Black, Blue, Lime