Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center Hang Board


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Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center - Rock Climber's Finger Hang Board

Based on the highly successful training routines of Mark and Mike Anderson, authors of “The rock Climber's Training Manual: A Guide to Continuous Improvement", the Rock Prodigy Training Center is designed for extremely precise and repeatable exercises. The two pieces allow you to fine-tune the position to match your body, and the computer engineered design yields perfectly symmetrical holds. The Anderson brothers went from average climbers to 5.14 crushers using finely tuned training regimens. This hang board’s design is based on years of experimentation and refinement, and is the perfect tool to help climbers of all abilities progress to the next level. And be sure to pick up a Pulley Kit to optimize your training (see Related Products). *Ships in assorted colors.

For instructional videos, and downloadable training sheets and info, please visit the Trango website


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