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The WaterBasics GRN Line Filtered Water Bottle is the perfect way to enjoy great tasting, filtered water with just a squeeze and a sip. The simple to use design makes it easy to have fresh, clean, filtered water at home, at the office, in the gym, or for all kinds of outdoor activities. When you drink from a WaterBasics GRN Line Filtered Water Bottle, you are assured of a thoroughly tested and proven level of biological protection that includes protection from bacteria, protozoans and chemical and biological toxins. The high flow properties of the GRN Line filter make the WaterBasics GRN Line Filtered Water bottle as easy to drink from as sipping soda through a straw. With a price point closer to a to a basic taste and odor filter than a powerful biological grade filter, it’s not only possible, but prudent to carry a GRN Line filtered water bottle everywhere you go. For the cost of 20 liters of bottled water, you can enjoy over 300 liters of filtered water with the assurance of GRN Line protection.
The WaterBasics GRN Line Filtered Water Bottle is BPA Free, fits into standard cup holders, backpack pockets, and bike cages. The patented Bite-Me valve is soft, friendly, flows like crazy, and stays clean thanks the unbreakable protective cap. It is leak free and will even stay sealed in an airplane overhead bin. The Series II filter design, contoured shape, soft squeezable design make the GRN Line Filtered Water Bottle a natural choice for drinking water protection.

GRN Line Protection.
Series II Connectivity.
80 Gallon (512 refills) Capacity.
BPA, Iodine & Chemical Free.
Familiar “Squeeze and Sip” Sport Bottle Design.
<5% of the Cost of “Bottled” Water.