Jetboil Takes A Load Off

If you love the outdoors as much as we do, but baulk at the idea of carrying heavy cooking gear, read on! We’re going to tell you more about Jetboil, and how it can make camping and tramping a lighter and brighter experience.

It happens all so often with great inventions like Jetboil. It is a solution to an age-old problem, and in this case, that problem was feeling weighed down with too much stuff. It saps our energy and takes our mind off all the great things we should be observing and experiencing while we’re in the great outdoors. 

That was certainly the case for Americans Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowstall who were frustrated with heavy vacuum bottles and clunky stoves; not so much their performance but with the exertion involved in carrying this cooking gear, especially when hills and mountains are involved. So they set about making outdoor cooking easier, and in Jetboil they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. It’s a wonderful solution to that heavyweight problem and we’re proud to stock the Jetboil range for you.

Dwight and Perry deducted that the best way to maximize convenience and efficiency, while minimising weight, was to combine heat transfer technology with innovative design.  After much experimentation in the laboratory and the mountains, they came up with a product that they immediately knew would revolutionise mobile cooking in the outdoors. Soon afterwards they launched their new FluxRing technology and integrated cooking system, which was met by almost instant acclaim by tired and hungry outdoors types the world over.

What they’d achieved was a Personal Cooking System (PCS) that was launched in 2004. This revolutionary product combines heating, eating and drinking in the same insulated cup, with the cup integrating directly with a burner for fast no-fuss use. The insulating bottom cover on the cup means it can be removed from the burner and immediately held in your hands to eat or drink. Dwight and Perry, we salute you!

Jetboil is a brilliantly simple idea but one that makes a huge difference to our enjoyment of the outdoors. Carrying cooking gear over hills and mountains is no longer a chore, and can actually make outdoor cooking fun. Our range of Jetboil accessories includes things like a coffee press and even utensils, so there is plenty to make things even more convenient and enjoyable when it’s time to dine al fresco mountain style! We love Jetboil, and would happily recommend the right systems and accessories for you when you contact us.