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How much do you charge for shipping?

Do you ship outside New Zealand?

When will I get my order? What are your shipping timeframes?

Do you ship to PO Boxes or Private Bags?

Will COVID restrictions impact my order?

Returns & Exchanges

How do I return or exchange an item?

Are there items that I can't exchange or return?

Products & Ordering

How come some of your stuff is way cheaper than anywhere else?

If a product is sold out, what happens?

Can I add more than one product to my cart?

Where are you guys based? Can I come and pick up my order and save on shipping?

How can I change my order?

Out of stock and backorders

Checkout & Payments

Is it safe to buy from Gearshop and pay buy credit card?

What are my payment options?

When placing an order, I get an error message stating that there has been an authorization failure. What went wrong?

Your Account

How do I update my account details or change my address?

Are you going to send me spam?

What are cookies? Do I need to enable cookies on my browser to shop at




What is your full warranty policy?

NZ Law

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

Fair Trading Act 1986


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