Pack It Safe With Pacsafe

We’re big on adventure and sending people on their travels as well-equipped as they can be. Even if our travel horizons are limited at the moment, there is still plenty to explore within our own country and we encourage you to get out there and have fun while supporting local tourist and hospitality operators at the same time. But although New Zealand is a safe and welcoming place, you still need to take care of your security. That is why we’re proud to sell Pacsafe in New Zealand. It’s a brand that incorporates security and anti-theft measures in virtually everything they make, and we’re proud to sell it.

The brand was created in 1998 by two Australians who were inspired by what they saw while travelling around South America. In that part of the world, chicken wire was put around bags to protect them against theft and this sparked an idea that eventually led to the launch of the Pacsafe brand. Soon after seeing the chicken wire set up, our Australian friends created a slash-proof wire cage system known as Exomesh, which was big enough to enclose an 85-litre backpack. The wire-protected pack was a big hit with safety-conscious travellers and before too long, more sizes were added to the backpack range.

From backpacks, Pacsafe decided to expand their range. After all, a well-equipped traveller carries plenty of accessories, and these can be irresistible when seen by the wrong eyes. So, in 2005, Pacsafe locks were made compatible with the standard used by many international airport security authorities and in the following year, the Citysafe series was added to their range to enhance the women’s travel bag lineup. 

Year after year, Pacsafe kept promoting safety and security while travelling and by 2012, their range had grown even more to include adventure backpacks, day bags, urban and leisure bags, women’s bags, photography bags, general luggage, card holders, wallets, organisers and many other travel accessories that all incorporate anti-theft features. We have that range - check it out!

The Pacsafe range in New Zealand encapsulates everything we believe in here at Gearshop. When it comes to travel, you should be able to get maximum enjoyment out of the experience, without having to worry too much about security and safety. Of course, you always have to be mindful of such things no matter where you go, but Pacsafe allows you to focus on the good things that travel offers us, and not the bad. Get in touch to find out more about safe travel!