Use Your Head To Keep Bugs At Bay

You’re not the only one who loves exploring New Zealand’s great outdoors. The local bug population, including mosquitoes and sandflies, shares that space with you, as you’re only too well aware. We have a wide range of products designed to keep them at bay but one of the more effective products is the humble headnet. It might not be the prettiest outdoor clothing in NZ, but we think you should forget about fashion and think about functionality.  

A headnet, like the ones produced by the award-winning Sea To Summit brand, provide very effective protection from disease-carrying and pesky mosquitoes and other tiny critters. The Sea to Summit net is very light and compact, with black mesh for improved visibility, soft multifilament fibre for comfort and, importantly, a superlight elasticised neck drawcord which blocks off access to bugs.

Another important feature of the vast majority of headnets in our range is that they’re Permethrin treated. Permethrin is a safe and effective insecticide, and it has been endorsed by the World Health Organisation to reduce malaria and other vector-borne diseases. Permethrin is

applied to the net and it dazes mosquitoes on contact. After repeated contact, the insect will eventually die. Permethrin is also renowned for controlling bed bugs and a whole host of flying and biting pests, which is why it is so widely used in insect control products all over the world.  

While Permethrin does a good job at eliminating pests, it is safe enough for us humans. For example, the dosage used on Sea to Summit nets has been researched and has been found not to harm humans. Having said that, if you have any concerns at all we advise you to check in with your medical practitioner just to be sure. 

Permethrin is potent but not permanent. The treatment does dissipate with time and frequent washing so we recommend you replace your headnet frequently, as well as any other product where the treatment is applied.

There are other things you can do to keep bugs away, particularly mosquitoes. They love stagnant water so, if you can, find a camping site on high ground and well away from sources of standing water like ponds or swamps. If you are using lanterns and flashlights, be aware that mosquitoes are attracted by this form of light so ensure all lights are turned off as you enter and exit your tent so you don’t bring them inside. And, keep your tent or screen zipped up all of the time, even if you’re just heading outside for a few seconds.