Why We're Sold On Sea To Summit

Sea To Summit has to be one of the best things out of Australia since...we don’t know! Their outdoor and travel range is next level in terms of quality, and their commitment to keep innovating and making even better equipment is inspiring. If you’re looking to get geared up for your next outdoor adventure, and want durable, lightweight and compact equipment, we suggest you search Sea To Summit when visiting our site.

Based in Western Australia, Sea to Summit is now an award-winning global brand sold in more than 60 countries. They started out with an ethos that fits in with our thinking: ‘to equip and inspire’. They are certainly true to their word, and we’re constantly receiving reports of their ongoing research and development of new techniques, materials, technologies and production methods. Many of these new product innovations are centred on making things lighter, more compact and more portable, while keeping the same levels of durability and function. Whenever Sea To Summit releases a new product for outdoor enthusiasts and active travellers, we know a lot of thought has gone into it. 

Sea To Summit has a range that extends from the conventional to a little more out there. You’ll find things like insulated mats, camp towels and dry bags - as well as different items like a portable camp sink  that is ideal for the collection and carrying of water for purification, cooking, washing dishes or bathing. The beauty of this sink is in its design: the stainless steel stiffening ring prevents the sink from collapsing when full, and because the base is broader than the top,  it won’t tip over when you’re using it. As we say on our Sea To Summit web page, it makes a great gift for the outdoors person who has everything. 

And then there’s a folding bucket, cleverly designed with an additional grab handle on the base to make for easy pouring, while the tall shape is a great fit with water purification systems. The all-welded construction means there’s no need for seam taping and keeps weight to a minimum - the 10 Litre Folding Bucket weighs less than 80 grams. As we said, portability and weight are key to many Sea To Summit designs, and the folding bucket is the perfect example.

If you’re upgrading your outdoor or travel gear, we urge you to check out the Sea To Summit range. We recommend them with total confidence.