Your Tent Should Have A Footprint

Are you looking for a tent? We strongly recommend you check out Big Agnes tents. The award-winning Big Agnes range is designed with a special emphasis on giving you maximum room and comfort but without the weight. Even though they’re lightweight, they are strong and durable, and we think they’re one of the finest tent brands anywhere in the world. That’s why we sell them! 

While you’re checking out Big Agnes tents take a look at their tent footprints as well. A lot of our customers buy tents on their own, but no matter how well designed and manufactured they are, we reckon a tent footprint will help that tent last for longer and give you many extra years of use, and even better value for money.

A tent footprint is a groundsheet that you peg under the floor of your tent to add an extra protective layer. While a tent footprint isn’t an essential piece of camping equipment, we see it as being a highly beneficial one for several reasons: 

  • A tent footprint offers improved waterproof protection if you have to pitch your tent on wet ground. 
  • It will reduce the level of condensation buildup arising from ground moisture which comes up from below
  • It further protects the tent floor fabric and will extend the lifespan of your tent
  • It gives you extra protection from sharp objects e.g. stones and sticks 
  • A tent footprint can often be used to help pitch tents fly first
  • It can be used with tent fly to create a minimalist shelter setup    

When you invest good money in any decent piece of outdoor equipment, you want that gear to last. This is why we think you should check out Big Agnes tent footprints as well as the range of Big Agnes tents themselves. The footprint will go a long way to protecting your investment in the tent. While Big Agnes tents are manufactured from strong and durable materials and will give you years of use, a footprint could add on even more years. As investments go, it’s a smart one. 

So go right ahead and check out the Big Agnes tents, as well as the Big Agnes tent footprints. If you decide to buy one, or the other, or both, then check out our shipping page and we’ll get your Big Agnes gear to you in no time at all.