Singing Rock Guru Harness L

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Men's all-round harness with adjustable leg loops
Size large

wider construction of the waist belt andleg loops provides maximum support
and comfort when hanging in the harness
3 Rock&Lock buckles enable to put on the harness when wearing skis or crampons
adjustable leg loops with innovated patented Rock&Lock buckles for fast and
safe adjustment
BMI adjusting system for perfect fit when changing the layers or weight
tie-in points which have the most abrasive wear are reinforced by PAD webbing
perforated EVA foam inside the waist belt and leg loops with holes 5mm in diameter increases the breathability of the harness
inside mesh dissipate moisture and dries quickly in a wet conditions
laced technical textile increasing the waist belt rigidity and abrasion resistance
4 braided gear loops with a load capacity 5 kg
rear haul loop with a load capacity 30 kg
colour belay loop for proper tie-in/attachement point, strength 15 kN
2 slots for additional carabiner PORTER
fixed bridge between the leg loops provides a higher safety in case of wrong tie-in
plastic buckle and sleeve for quick removing and adjustement of the rear elastic straps

Color: yellow
Weight: 416 g

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