Don't Let A Windy Day Leave You Hungry

Buying a camp stove in NZ is a process that involves you asking a lot of questions, and people like us providing just as many answers. For example…

How many burners do I need?

Do you have lightweight cookers that I can easily carry on multi-day hikes?

Is push-button ignition worth it?

What fuel capacity will I require?

These are just a few of the things you’ll need to consider when you buy your camp stove and, as you’d expect, we’re happy to discuss them with you. We use camp stoves all the time and because of our vast experience with them, we have a really good idea of what will best suit you. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you in the near future.

One thing we can discuss with you right now is the need for excellent wind protection on your camp stove. Ask anyone who cooks outdoors on a regular basis and they’ll tell you that trying to do it on a windy day can be hugely frustrating. That frustration reaches new levels when they’re extremely hungry - we think the modern word for that feeling is “hangry” -  and can be a huge dampener on their whole camping experience. Staying properly nourished is very important on multi-day hikes, so it’s not just a cause of frustration when the wind blows and the flame keeps going out - it’s a major cause for concern as well. 

Some parts of New Zealand are windier than others, and gales can blow up out of nowhere. But if your stove isn’t protected on even a moderately gusty day, it will be difficult to get a consistent enough flame to cook your food evenly and efficiently. That’s why the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts in New Zealand, and that includes us, look for stoves that come equipped with wind shields to protect the burner. While strong gusts can often whip up unexpectedly in open areas and become a nuisance while you’re cooking, a wind shield combined with a decent camp set-up in a protected area will help you achieve a relatively stable flame.

Wind protection is just one thing to think about when you’re choosing a camp stove, and as we’ve already said, we’d be delighted to go over all the aspects with you. Camp stoves come in all shapes and sizes and at first glance, it can be difficult to make the right choice without some expert advice. So get in touch and we’ll use our experience and knowledge to help you make a selection you’ll be happy with.