When Buying A Sleeping Bag, Don't Forget The Liner

For anyone buying a sleeping bag in New Zealand right now, we say don’t forget the liner! A sleeping bag liner will not only help you enjoy a better night’s sleep but it is also far more hygienic and can extend the lifespan of your sleeping bag.

One of the main reasons we recommend sleeping bag liners is they preserve what is known as insulation loft, which is crucial in keeping you warm in your sleeping bag. Both down and synthetic fills need to fluff up (loft) to create small air spaces within the insulation of your bag. These spaces trap body heat which helps you stay warm while you sleep. But over time, a bag’s loft becomes prone to clumping and degradation as body oils, sweat and grime build up and get into the down or fill. This is a common occurrence, with a recent survey showing that only 34% of people have ever washed their sleeping bag! 

Although you’re advised not to wash your bag after every use, it does need an occasional clean. For many of us though, the thought of washing and drying a big and heavy bag doesn’t appeal as the most fun thing to do but a sleeping bag liner will change all that. It can be thought of as a barrier between your body and the rest of your sleeping bag, and it is much easier to clean and dry. 

Sleeping bags liners come in a range of materials and weights, with some being suitable for winter and some being better for summer. Fleece, synthetic and thermal liners are designed for warmth, and some claim to boost a sleeping bag’s rating by up to 14 degrees. Meanwhile, a silk liner is lightweight, compact and breathable, and can be used as a blanket. This is great for humid and sticky summer nights when a summer-weight bag might be too hot, but you still need a layer over you. And then there are cotton liners which are generally cheaper, and even though they’re less breathable, they are durable and will absorb sweat and body oils.

A sleeping bag without a liner is just not a sleeping bag in our book! A liner adds so much to a sleeping system that we think it should be an automatic purchase, and that’s why we urge you to check out our range of liners at the same time you’re looking at our bags. And if you want advice on what sleeping bag and liner will best suit your requirements, we invite you to get in touch and ask for our opinion.