Camp Safety Air Rescue Evo Sit Harness

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The most sophisticated rescue harness ever conceived.

The structure features modified edge-load construction that makes the harness incredibly light, comfortable, and breathable.

Auto-locking aluminum alloy buckles.

Full body harness is comprised of 2 parts (sold separately).

Sit harness with a front aluminum alloy connector for climbing, positioning and suspension. The waist belt features modified edge-load construction for the right combination of lightweight, breathability and comfort. The leg loops are reinforced with laser cut webbing inserts to ensure uniform load distribution during long periods of suspension. A robust rear handle helps with maneuvers specific to rescue activities.

The Air Rescue Evo Chest (ref. 298202) harness is connected with an adjustable system that allows immediate reduction in the length to create the optimal upright position in suspension.

550 g
                                         Waist                Leg
Size:  Small                    67 - 90cm        43 - 55 cm

          Medium                76 - 110 cm     49 - 62 cm

          Large                   83 - 125 cm     54 - 67 cm