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Patented design locks the carabiner in place on the belay loop to help prevent dangerous cross-loading
The inner gate extends entirely from side to side for maximum security and uses the same spring as the main gate to keep it closed
A dimple on the spine creates an additional catch for the inner gate
Keylock closure for snag-free rigging

The No-Twist belay loop exclusive on CAMP harnesses is one great way to help eliminate cross-loading during belays. But what do you do if you don’t own a CAMP harness? You opt for the HMS Belay Lock. This patented carabiner features a small inner gate that closes over the belay loop once the biner is in its optimal position for belaying or rappelling. The inner gate prevents the biner from rotating and voila! The potential for cross-loading is virtually eliminated. The magic is in the patent.
They use the same spring for both the main gate and the small inner gate. This allows for a saving of weight and makes the two gates work in unison for fast and easy attachment. First, attach the biner to the belay loop and let it close. Second, open the small gate and insert the belay loop. Third, open the main gate to its full position to fully compress the small inner gate and insert your belay device and rope and the same time. Tighten the screw gate.

75 g

Height (mm) : 113
Gate Opening (mm): 24
Major Axis (kN): 23
Minor Axis (kN): 10
Open Gate (kN): 7
Lock Type: Screw Gate, Key Lock