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The expander is the plastic gizmo that lives on the screw thread inside each pole section.

Standard Poles:
Large (18mm) for the upper joint.
Small (16mm) for the lower joint.

Ultralite Poles:
Small (16mm) for the upper joint.
XS (14mm) for the lower joint.

There are also two types:
Old "Classic".
New "Super Lock System".

Old style were fitted to all poles made up to mid-2003 (ish) and are still fitted to some of the cheaper poles. In recent years they have always been red in colour. They are most easily distinguished from the New Type by the fact that they have four short (2mm) plastic prongs on one end in the larger two sizes.

The New Type are currently black (Large 18mm) and blue (Small 16mm). In addition, Ultralite poles are made from smaller diameter tube so the upper joint uses blue (Small 16mm) expanders and the lower joint green (XS 14mm).

The two types are not compatible, so it is important that you check the type in your poles before ordering spares.

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