Petzl Caritool Small P42


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This tool holder is designed specifically for the Petzl Sequoia SRT (or Swing) but can be used on any climbing harness. The small Caritool is the most widely used by arborists for the attachment of chainsaws t the harness. But many other tools can be attached and removed from the harness with a simple hand movement. The inside clips help stabilize the tool holder in the harness with the hook and gate pointed upwards ready to receive tools. The small hole in the top of the caritool is for attaching a keeper cord to prevent dropping of critical gear.

- Tools accessed and organized with one hand
- Flat top aids in sorting attached gear
- Small hole on top for attaching keeper cord, to prevent dropping critical gear
- Slips through the waistbelt slots or along the harness webbing and stays in place, thanks to its stabilizing clip

Maximum load: 5kg
Weight: 25g

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