Petzl Freino Carabiner


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auto locks , carabiners

Petzl Freino Fricton Control Carabiner

Ever done a really long rappel with a heavy pack? Remember death-gripping the rope and praying for it to end? The Petzl Freino Carabiner is specifically designed to make grueling rappels more comfortable. Use the Freino with your belay device like normal. When you get further down the line and it's getting harder to hang on, just re-direct your break hand through the spur to increase the friction for a nice controlled descent.

*For use with single ropes only.

Major Axis Strength: 25kN
Minor Axis Strength: 10kN
Open Gate Strength: 9kN
Locking: Yes
Shape: Offset D
Gate Type: Autolocking (wire on spur)
Material: Aluminum
Recommended Use: Single rope rappels
Weight: 85g