Rock Exotica AZTEK pulley Set

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Rock Exotica AZTEK pulley Set

These swivel AZTEK "omni" pulleys are milled from a solid block of high strength aluminum and are engineered to withstand over 8,000lbs (36kN) of tensile force end to end. The set of two blocks are different colors for ease of identification. Turn the set of fours one way and you have a 5:1 MA. Turn it around and a 4:1 w/change of direction is the result, making the PMA extremely versatile.

Kit includes:
2 AZTEK "omni" pulleys
1 ratchet pin and pulley cover

Travel restrict, ratchet prusiks and directional prusiks, carabiners, links and all software can be purchased separately or with the Complete AZTEK Elite Kit.

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