Rock Exotica Pirate Wire Eye Screwgate Carabiner

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Rock Exotica Pirate Wire Eye

The Pirate WireEye from Rock Exotica is a screw locking carabiner with a wire keeper that easily captures your bridge, lanyard or rope, keeping it right where you want it. The wire gate is surprisingly strong and will stay closed in most circumstances. One of the best carabiners just got better.

Makes for an awesome belay device or descender attachment carabiner for the front of your harness. Avoid carabiner rotation on your belay loop.

Pirate WireEye Screw-Lock
Weight: 2.96 oz (84 gm)

Breaking Strength
Major axis: 26 kN
Minor axis: 11 kN
Open gate: 7 kN
Inward against sleeve: 6 kN

Gate opening: 1.0” (25.4 mm)

Karabiner carabiner