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Rock Exotica RockO ORCA Lock

Rock Exotica rockO ORCA Lock carabiner. Most ovals haven’t changed much since the dawn of time. But Rock Exotica designed a modern oval that fits everything, is stronger, has the all new ORCA-lock system and a big gate opening.

The O.R.C.A. Lock System
Open Regular Close Auto
Patent Pending
3-Stage autolock: Lift up, twist and open the gate
Available on the Pirate, rockD and rockO carabiners

The ORCA is a unique autolock sleeve/gate that can be set in the unlocked position. When you open the gate it is just like opening a non-locker, but the act of opening the gate “triggers” it and when the gate closes it will autolock just like a regular autolocking carabiner.

The ORCA can be unlocked on your rack for easy access without any of the gymnastics involved in opening a conventional autolock in tight situations. Then when you clip it in something it will lock. Or, if you put it in a bolt hanger, tripod head, etc., and hold the sleeve when closing it will remain unlocked. Then you can turn the biner over and install a rope, pulley, etc., just like it was a non-locker, but when the gate snaps shut it will be locked. When climbing something sketchy, do you ever want to use a locker for your first placement? Use it for the bottom biner in a quickdraw and you can simply put the rope in and it will lock when it closes.

More about the O.R.C.A lock system can be found here.

Weight: 2.85 oz (80 gm)

Breaking Strength
Major axis: 24 kN
Minor axis: 11 kN
Open gate: 6 kN

Gate opening: .91” (24.1 mm)